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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Just Checking In

Hello girls and boys. Just thought I had better check in as it has been a while since I have updated.

Things have been hectic lately and I have been away from home a lot and not had chance to blog. One day I will sort out a way to blog on the go. You wouldn't think it would be that hard in this day and age would you? But it seems my technological demands are quite high. (Once I can get my grubby mits on one of these *drools* it might be a bit easier. But until then, I apologise for my lack of updates.

Rest assured I haven't forgotten about you. I have been attempting to write some interesting blog entries, 3 of them in fact, but have yet to finish any of them. I will endeavour to get at least one of them finished and posted soon.

I've had a bit of a hypnosis drought lately. I have a keen subject all lined up, very keen in fact, she has practically begged me to hypnotize her (something that they usually only do once I have already hypnotized them :~P) . I'm more than willing to, but so far we've been unable to find a time and place to do it. Very frustrating. It's been a while and I am itching to get my fingers inside someone's mind... and other places.

I also just want to say well done to those of you who installed my special firefox personas. Shortly after posting about them, the lesbian and smoking fetish themes both had around 20 users, which was more than I was expecting, so I am very please as almost all of them were surely readers of this blog. Of course since then they have increased a lot (the lesbian theme is now up to 427) so I can't keep track of who is using them anymore. That doesn't mean you can stop though ;~).

~ Mistress Winters ~

Sunday, 28 February 2010


Just a mini update.

I've had a bit of a tinker with the blog layout again. The last version never really felt finished (nothing ever does with me). I've given it a more shiny and up to date looking theme. I've also funked up the labels as best I could. The new look works perfectly on Firefox and Chrome, but does a have a couple of little bugs with IE which I have yet to fix. Meh.

Whilst on a geeky theme, I just want to post links to a couple more firefox personas I've made that readers may like: Mistress Winters' Personas gallery

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As usual, work computers are exempt from this suggestion.

I also wanted to say a quick thank you for the positive responses to may last entry, What makes someone a hypno-fetishist?. I'm glad you found my musings interesting. I will endeavour to post more entries of that style in future.

~ Mistress Winters ~

Friday, 26 February 2010

What makes someone a hypno-fetishist?

A question was asked recently on a comment on Lex and Liz's Blog, Dan(I've just discovered your blog as a result of this comment) asked: "I do wonder why more people don't do this sort of hypnosis. It is rather fun."

It's a good question. Why is hypnosis fetishism, or just hypnosis in sex, relationships, etc. such a niche interest, enjoyed by such a small minority of people?

As Dan rightly says, it certainly is fun! It also has the benefit of being something that can be enjoyed by anyone, in the comfort of their own home, and completely for free!

Hypnosis isn't exactly an unknown thing. It's been on tv in various forms for years, from the 90's stage shows of Paul Mckenna, to today's king of mind control Derren Brown. It's also well known in it's context of hypnotherapy. So if people know about hypnosis, and know what it can do, why don't more people think of it's other (more fun) potential applications?

The image of the evil hypnotist, or the hypnotic seductress has appeared in countless films and works of fiction for decades, and probably centuries. Even in (or perhaps particularly in) childrens films and programs... I'm sure you'll all be familiar with Kaa from the jungle book. So even from an early age the ideas are planted in people's minds... yet only a small number of people ever decide to try it for themselves...

So perhaps that leads to another question... "What makes someone a hypno-fetishist?...

What makes one person become interested in erotic hypnosis, when others aren't?. What is it that makes me (and if you are reading this, probably you as well) different from everyone else?

My theory is that the idea of possessing a 'special ability' that allows you to have advantages, or in fact power over other people, tends to appeal most to those people who feel like they are to some extent an outsider in society... perhaps on the lower rungs of the social ladder... they see hypnosis as a way of getting the things that they otherwise cannot. To look at it another way, if they could get these things in other ways, they probably wouldn't have ever thought of using hypnosis.

An analogy would be to compare hypno-fetishism to the appeal comic books about super heroes and villains, or fantasy stories and RPGs about magic and sorcery and epic battles, have with the geekier fringes of society. I must point out I say this as a massive geek myself, to quote family guy "that's our word! only we get to call ourselves that! not you!". The appeal is based around wanting a way of escaping your hum drum existence and be somebody, someone special, to rise up to the top that social ladder, perhaps to get above those you feel have previously enjoyed advantages over you, or kept you down.

Erotic Hypnosis, or some form hypnotic seduction, I think probably would appeal to those people who struggle with sex and relationships for one reason or another. It may be something that a larger number of people will think about, but for a lot of those, who might be happier with their love lives, the thoughts will just be in passing, and not something that they will actually do something about. It takes quite a strong desire to actively dedicate time and effort into finding, and studying the information required to act on that fantasy.

In my case I've suffered since my early teens with crippling shyness and anxiety, which meant I found it extremely difficult to find relationships. Coupled with the fact I wasn't much of a looker when I was young, and didn't start to blossom until my early 20s. There was also my confused sexuality. All this lead to me being very awkward around people in general, and even more so around those I was attracted to.

These factors eventually lead me to fantasizing about being able to hypnotize people and get those things that I'd been missing out on... for me, it was sex, pure and simple. I was a hormonal, frustrated teenager, who'd never been in love, never even kissed a girl, and felt like with my looks and awkward social skills, I probably never would. So my desire was indeed strong. I wanted to be able to snap my fingers like Paul mckenna, and have women swooning infront of me and be under my spell.

So when I got access to the internet (it was pretty new at the time) one of the first things I looked up was hypnosis. I wont go over it all again, but to read about my early ventures into hypnosis, check out this old blog entry. I suspect my story might chime some bells with others reading this too.

You only have to look at how (extortionately priced) hypnosis courses are marketed on the internet. There are countless sites selling products marketed as turning 'unconfident losers' into ultra confident pick up artists, using 'power words' and 'top secret language patturns' to hypnotically seduce their quarry. There are also similarly marketed courses designed for sales men to 'seduce' customers and 'turn words into cash!'... all directly marketed at those who feel like failures on the fringes of society. And of course the extortionate price is justified because of the 'powerful knowledge' that they contain, only adding to it's mystique and image as elite secret knowledge.

The truth is, should they have the inclination, anybody can find vast amounts of information about hypnosis online for free. Yes there are products out there (Anthony Jaqcuin's book is particularly good.) that are worth paying for, but they aren't and needn't be so expensive and elitist. The knowledge really is out there for anyone who wants it. But the image of elite, powerful, top secret knowledge, known only to a select few, is an alluring one. It feeds your desire to hold power over people, and gain advantages over the rest of the world.

So does the erotic hypnosis community want to stay in it's niche?... does it want to stay small and unknown? ...It's certainly easy to understand how having a 'power' that only a small number of people possess can be alluring, and how it's spread to a wider community might lessen it's appeal. Perhaps more people don't know about erotic hypnosis is because we as a community don't talk about it with the un-initiated. Of course I talk about it when I am wanting to introduce partners or potential partners to the idea... but have I ever spoken about it, or recommended it to someone else as something to try with people? I can't say I have. How would I feel if erotic hypnosis was more common in society, and more people practised it?... To be totally truthful, I probably wouldn't like it. Because just like the people who market these courses costing hundreds of dollars want me to, I like the idea that what I do is rare and that it in some way sets me above the rest of the world. And somewhat selfishly, I'd prefer it to stay that way. Am I alone in this? I suspect not.

There is also of course the more innocent reason of being afraid of talking about your fetish to those that don't know about it, for fear of being thought a weirdo or a pervert, and if you are an unconfident person to begin with, or someone that is used to rejection, that fear will be all the more real. So the reluctance to talk about it will be strong.

This is of course, mostly from the point of view of the hypnotist. The appeal of hypnosis to a subject will of course be different. I am unable to speak from direct experience here, but I suspect that for most, hypnosis is not so much a fetish in it's own right (though it could be for some I am sure), as an extension of a pre existing kink for submission. As a subject, you don't have to actively research or learn anything (though it could be said that going into a deep trance is something that you learn), what you need is a partner who possesses such skills themselves and the desire to use them in the way you want, something that is altogether more difficult to find. Also, I have a suspicion that if hypnosis was more commonly practised by people, to the point where most people dabbled in it, it's appeal to the submissive would be lessened. Just like it is for the hypnotist, I think the image of hypnosis as a mysterious and powerful thing only adds to it's allure for the submissive, and adds to the attraction of the hypnotist.

I wont focus too much on the submissive side of the equation, as I suspect as someone on the other side of the watch, I wouldn't really do it justice. I think though that it is in the nature of dominant and submissive roles, that the dominant is the one that would most likely initiate D/s activities in a relationship, and as such, outside of the enclosed communities found on the net, it is the hypnotist that would have to take the step of introducing new people to their kink. A step that as I outlined above, is one that most will for whatever reason be reluctant to take, much more so than with more common kinks.

It is therefore mostly down to individuals to seek out and discover the fetish on their own. But also as I describe above, the nature of hypnosis fetishism, is that it will only be a small minority of freaks, geeks, and misfits that will have a strong enough desire to actively do so.

So all things considered, it's unsurprising that the hypno-fetish community is so small, it's in it's very nature to be that way. Access to the internet has no doubt led to a greater number of people discovering it, but I can't see hypno-fetishism as we know it expanding beyond the dark corners of society any time soon.

~ Mistress Winters ~

Room Service - Part 3

Lisa and I had spent out first day and night together. Today was our last full day, as we had to check out of the hotel first thing tomorrow and Lisa had take the long journey home. After the fun of yesterday, we had slept soundly.

Lisa had packed an extra little treat in her bag. Her strapon. She'd only used it a few times, only a couple of which were actually with a woman, and I'd never used one at all. I didn't have as much of a thing for them then as I do now, but I was certainly curious. So we were both in for a treat.

Having had a fair amount of success with the suggestion of transplanting pleasure from her clit to else where in her body, I thought that what I was about to try might work well.

Some lesbian, or bisexual women, when asked what they'd do if they woke up one morning in possession of a penis, will answer quite enthusiastically that it'd be great fun, and they'd use it to fuck every girl that was going. Of course it is assumed that this change wouldn't be permanent, the reaction may not be the same if it were, none the less, the possession of a penis is for some gay and bi women, a bit of a fantasy. For me personally though, I'd be mortified, and I know many others who would be the same. I was unsure what Lisa would think about it. Of course I could have just asked her, but where's the fun in that? ;~)

As I mentioned before. I'd been unable to induce visual hallucinations with Lisa, so making her actually see the strapon as a real penis attached to her body wasn't going to work. But I had managed to successfully induce some tactile and specifically sexual feelings, so I gave her suggestions that made her feel the strapon as if it was part of her, even if visual element wasn't there.

I zapped Lisa back under and had her lay on the bed. As she lay relaxed and limp, I undressed her, which wasn't as easy as I had anticipated, as Lisa was a couple of stone heavier than me and not easy to lift, but I enjoyed the challenge. Then I put the strapon on her, and made sure the straps were securely fitted.

I sat on the bed along side her, and began to once again talk her into a state of arousal, which by this point did not take long at all. I then took the strap on gently in my hand, and as I gave and reinforced the suggestion of feeling pleasure, I began to stroke and fondle the soft black dildo. She responded slowly at first, but suddenly it seemed to take effect, and as I continued playing with the dildo more and more, she gasped and started to moan.

At that point I decided to wake her up and let her really enjoy it. I leaned forward and began to suck and gently nibble on her nearest nipple, as I continued to play with her newest erogenous zone.

The look on Lisa's face was quite something... a mix of shock, delight and, confusion. In between gasps and moans, Lisa managed to get out the words "Oh Babe... suck it..."

In the days before I realised I was gay (how did I not know I was a raging lezza? lol) I had given a blow job or 2... I can't say they were particularly enjoyable experiences, but none the less, I at least had some frame of reference to draw upon. This particular blow job though, I found much more fun... not to mention less messy!

As I lapped my tongue against the tip of the dildo, lisa took a deep, sharp breath and let out a deep guttural moan. Obviously she was very much enjoying it. This scenario felt a little strange to me, but clearly was also very weird for her as well... and her mixture of being slightly freaked out whilst simultaniously edging closer to orgasm really turned me on. This spurred me on, and I opened my mouth and guided the dildo inside.

As my lips and tongue slid up and down, Lisa thrust her hips and arched her back in pleasure. As close as she got to cumming, she couldn't quite get there. Without direct stimulation of her pussy, she could only get so close. The effects of my suggestions were strong, but still not powerful enough to take her all the way. But that was ok, I wasn't done yet anyway. I sat up and told her to stand up. I then leaned myself over the bed, and indicated to her to fuck me.

I'm not ashamed to admit, I watch a fair amount of porn. And in my time I have seen so many half hearted strapon videos, with girls that don't really know what they are doing... it's a bit off putting. Lisa though certainly knew what she was doing. She slowly slid her new appendage inside me, took hold of hips, and off she went. Slowly at first, but as we both got more and more into it, she got faster and faster. The girth of the strapon was more than I was used to, I'd rarely experience more than a finger or 2, but I was so turned on that it didn't matter. I'd been on the verge of orgasm after what seemed like a pretty short period of time, and tried to hold it back as long as I could. I wanted Lisa to cum too, and I knew once I was done, it would be over, so I need her to cum soon. Thankfully, the dildo was well position, and pressed against her clit with each thrust, soon she cumming and I knew I could go for it. I thrust my hips back towards her, and as we got into rhythm, by buttocks slapped against her. My first experience with a strapon was certainly an exciting one.

Exhausted once again, we flopped down onto the bed. Lisa's strapon wobbling comically as she did so. And as we laughed, of course it jiggled around more. Lisa couldn't resist playing with it, forgetting that she could still feel through it. Having only just cum, lisa was already turned on again and started to masturbate, albeit in a way she'd never done before. This was a vicious cycle, as now I was watching her masturbating and getting turned on by the continuing effects my suggestions were having on her.

I began touching myself as well, but I was too sensitive so soon after my orgasm. As much as I wanted to carry on the fun, I couldn't. I was knackered, and also, hungry too :~P. I knew that if I left lisa to it, she'd probably sit there playing for the next half an hour, so I zapped her back to sleep. I relaxed her and calmed her down, then told her when I woke her, she'd get dressed so that we could get some food. While I was at it a devilish idea popped into my head, and I gave her the suggestion that she'd be unable to remove the strapon no matter how hard she tried.

When I woke her, she did as suggested and started to get dressed, she put on her bra and a top, then tried to unfasten the straps on the harness. Funnily enough, they wouldn't work, she couldn't get it undone, much to her frustration and secret amusement. My amusement wasn't so secret.

Lisa: How are we supposed to go out for food with me wearing this?!

MW: Not my problem (laugh)

Lisa: It's not funny! help me!

MW: Just put something on over the top of it...

Lisa: I can't, I'll have a bulge!

MW: Well the way I see it, we have 2 options... We can go out, and you can try your best to hide it... or.... we can order room service...

Lisa: Room service please!
I told lisa to phone and order the food. I waited a few minutes, then said I was just popping to the bathroom. I wickedly decided to have a shower and leave her to answer the door for the food, knowing she'd have to do so still wearing her strapon. After a few minutes, there was a knock at the door, followed by Lisa knocking at the bathroom door.

Lisa: Babe the food is here!

MW: I'm in the shower, will you get it?

Lisa: I can't looking like this!

MW: Well... you'll have to... you can't leave them waiting (laughs)
Lisa opened the bathroom door and quickly grabbed a dressing gown, which she tied around her as best she could to hide the strapon, then rushed out to answer the door and accept the food. When she came back, she was bright red with embarrassment.

Lisa: Oh my god! That was so embarrassing! I tried to hide it but I'm certain she spotted it!

MW: (Laughs)

Lisa: You're evil!
I made her wear the strapon all afternoon. She had to eat with it on, use the loo with it on, even shower with it on. She said it was a very weird experience. I also gave her the suggestion that she wouldn't be able to feel anything in her pussy, and would only feel pleasure when the dildo was touched. She found this quite unsettling, as it meant she could only masturbate using the strapon... it didn't seems so weird earlier, but now that it was her only means of sexual pleasure, it was different. I of course, teased her with this mercilessly. Making her reluctantly pleasure herself in this strange way.

In the evening I finally allowed her to take off the strapon and gave her the use of her girly parts again, which was of course shortly followed by yet more self pleasuring, leading onto her being pressed against the wall as I finger fucked her to yet another climax.

After she'd once again regained her composure we decided that since this was the last night we'd have together, we'd do what we'd planned to last night, and head downstairs to the bar for some drinks, some food, and maybe a bit more fun in a more public setting.

We drank, we ate, and yes, we had a bit more fun as well. Both of us were afraid of being caught, so I didn't do anything too obvious. The riskiest was a bit of arousal and forced masturbation under the table. Lisa was wearing a skirt (by my suggestion) and was compelled to play with herself through her tights. She tried to fight it, but much like an itch that you just have to scratch, the urge was too strong and she couldn't resist. I don't know whether it was the embarrassment, the fear of being seen, or the finger on her clit, but she once again went bright red. I told her that she'd only be able to stop once she was right on the edge of orgasm, making sure to emphasise that she must stop before she did orgasm... this left her with the puzzling dilemma of continuing slowly as she was doing, prolonging the embarrassment and associated risk of being caught, or speeding up so that she reached the required level of arousal quicker, but in doing so made herself more noticeable and also risking going too far and actually cumming... watching her weigh the pros and cons as she did it was exquisite. After a couple of minutes of to-ing and fro-ing, she decided to go for it and get there as quick as possible.

All too quickly, time slipped away, and although there was still so much I wanted to do (why do the best ideas always come to you when you're unable to act on them?), we had to go to bed sometime, and after another quick but intense session when we got back to the room (the second the door closed if truth be told) to release the sexual tension we'd both worked up downstairs, we indeed headed for bed.

The next morning, inevitably the time came for us to check out of the hotel and for Lisa to go home. As we stood by her car for one last hug goodbye, I whispered in her ear "Sleep" I continued to hold her and gently guided her head to rest on my shoulder.

MW: When you get home the first thing you are going to want to do is take a nice hot shower. As soon as you feel the lovely, hot, soothing water against your skin, you're going to become instantly aroused... so aroused in fact that within seconds you're going to be on the edge of an orgasm. You wont be able to help yourself from masturbating... and all it will take will be the slightest touch of your fingers against your pussy to make you cum... you'll cum so hard, and you'll know that even though I'm not there, I will be responsible... and as soon as you cum, and as soon realise it's because of me, that will open a door in your mind, finally allowing me to make you cum whenever I wish, without even touching you... until then, you will be unaware of these suggestions, but from that moment on, whenever I say to you, in a commanding way, "Orgasm now", you will instantly feel the same intense, powerful orgasm, rush through your body. Every time I say "Orgasm now" with the intention of making you cum, you will cum hard and fast. Do you understand Lisa?...

Lisa: Yes Mistress

MW: Good girl. 1... 2... 3... wide awake... Have a safe journey home.

Lisa: Thanks babe... speak to you soon.

That night. As hoped, I got a text from Lisa.

"Babe, you're incredible! I just had a shower and... wow!... thank you! I need a lay down now lol x"

I called her, and when she answered I said just 2 words "ORGASM NOW"... I don't know whether she dropped the phone, or just simply couldn't keep it to her ear, but all I could hear were distant screams and moans... eventually she managed to talk into the phone again... saying in an out of breath voice "Thank you babe", I simply replied "Good girl. Night night" and hung up.


~ Mistress Winters ~

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

As requested. Combined with the binaural file I suggested, this should work. Let me know how you get on.

~ Mistress Winters ~

Saturday, 23 January 2010

A belated happy new year to you all.

Happy new year all. I hope 2010 is treating you well.

Just in case you missed it, Part 2 of Room Service is now up (see below). Sorry for the delay.

So, what's been happening with me lately.

Well, I spent the Christmas and new year period at my holiday retreat. I like to get away from it all at that time of year. It's not that I'm a Grinch (well, maybe a little bit), I just find the whole affair too much... when the shops start selling the Christmas stuff in September, is it any wonder I am sick of it by November?... Anyway. My retreat has only a temperamental dial up connection, which I have more as a "just in case" than anything else. When I'm there I like to be away from modern methods of communication as much as possible... as it happens, with all the snow we had, my phone line went down and I was cut off. I was also somewhat snowed in as well, so I was a little more isolated than I'd intended. But no matter.

For those of you who don't know, January the first was also my birthday. Yes, you thought all those fireworks were for new years day... How silly. They are to celebrate my birth of course. I was able to get out through the snow to celebrate a bit. It was a good night, I shall perhaps blog about it later. For now, it is late, and a mistress needs her beauty sleep (Especially now she's a year older. Booo!)

Before I go, as a little gift to the subs reading this(*waves* yes I mean you ;~)), I have created an exclusive Mistress Winters Firefox Theme/Persona. To use it, you will need to be running the latest 3.6 version of Firefox (If you aren't, update now),

Follow this link to install the theme: Personas for Firefox | Mistress Winters Theme

This is an instruction for all subs. You will install my theme to your browser of your personal computer. Work computers are exempt.

You will continue to use this theme until further notice. Upon installing this theme for the first time, you will briefly feel pleasure level 2.

Whilst browsing with this theme, you will feel an underlying sense of contentment as you are reminded that your mistress is always with you.

Switching to any other theme will feel wrong.

~ Mistress Winters ~

Room Service - Part 2

Here is part 2 of my hotel hijinks with Lisa. It's a bit of a long one, so get yourself settled for the next few minutes. Are you comfortable? Then I'll begin ;~)

Lisa and I had arranged a date, booked a hotel room, and my first weekend of hypno-kinkiness was on. We'd arranged to meet in a public place in the city. I was worried I wouldn't recognise her in real life, but she looked just like she did in her pictures and on webcam and obviously so did I, so we spotted each other straight away.

I think she was quite nervous. So was I. We had a tentative kiss on the cheek and a hug, and decided to head straight for the hotel. We checked in, and instead of going straight up to the room, decided to go for a drink in the bar first. We both needed a drink to calm our nerves, and having a chat first instead of diving straight into to the sexy stuff seemed like a good idea. We had all weekend after all. She told me she was nervous, but still excited and up for it. I felt the same but tried too project a more outward appearance of confidence. We chatted for a while, but our relationship being what it was, we really didn't have very much in common other than our sexual interests, so our conversation quickly moved in that direction. She told me how gorgeous I was and I returned the compliment... we flirted. I put my hand on her knee and began sliding it up her leg... It didn't take long before we decided to head for our room.

As soon as we'd closed the door behind us, we headed straight for the bed. We layed down and began to kiss and let our hands wander. Clothes were quickly discarded and soon our hot sweaty bodies were doing whatever their urges demanded without thought or care. Soon we lay beside each other, naked, exhausted, but very satisfied. And we hadn't even gotten to any hypnosis yet. After about half an hour of catching our breath, whilst still lazily fumbling and groping each other, I decided it was time.

MW: Ok, I'm going to go and check out the bathroom and freshen up, I want you to put some clothes on, and get yourself sitting comfortably. Then when I come back I'm going to put you under.

Lisa said nothing but smiled nervously. I took my bag into the bathroom, and put on the outfit I'd picked out specially for the occasion. Not only did I look good in it, but I felt it created the right image. Powerful and commanding, so as to set the mood. I also made sure to touch up my eye makeup. I'm aware that my eyes are one of my best features, and a feature that comes in very handy for hypnosis, so making them demand attention with make up is something I like to do.

When I came out of the bathroom, Lisa was sitting on the sofa dressed and ready just as I had asked. Again, she said nothing, and just followed my lead. Already I was getting the sense that she was potentially a great subject.

I took her through a standard progressive relaxation induction, just as I had the first time I'd hypnotized my first subject at a party when I was 16, this time though, I felt more confident, I knew now that I could actually do it, and my carefully picked outfit gave me a feeling of strength. This time I didn't stumble over my words, I knew exactly what I had to do and I did it. Soon she was nice and loose and relaxed. Breathing deeply and slowly. Chest rising and falling with every breath. Focused totally on my words as I spoke softly and lead her deeper and deeper.

MW: As you sit there, so still... so calm... so relaxed... every muscle in your body loose... limp.... released of all stress...

...Your mind is focused on my words... washing over you and taking with them all your stresses, all your worries.... all your thoughts...

...Your mind is free... open... empty... ready to be filled by my voice... my words...

...All the while you are relaxing... sinking... deeper... and deeper...
... Now take another deep breath... in... and out... and just let your self go all the way down now... so deep...
MW: Now what I want you to do, is imagine there are 2 helium baloon, tied to each of your wrists. 2 big... pink... floating balloons... tied to your wirsts... and they are gently... pulling your arms into the air...

 ...gently... but firmly... pulling both of your arms into the air...

...slowly at first... but faster and faster...

...and the higher they go, the lighter your arms feel... and the lighter your arms feel... the easier it is for them to float higher... and higher.....

Her arms followed my suggestions, and began to lift... and soon they were floating above her head.

MW: Now, in a moment, I'm going to say "SNIP SNIP", and when I do, you'll feel the strings attatched to your wrists cut, and your arms will drop down to your side... and when they do, you will relax and drop 10 times deeper than you are now...
 Her arms dropped to her side, and she let out a soft sigh as her body relaxed and she went deeper.

MW: Good girl... just go even deeper... so relaxed... so deep...

... Totally at peace... Just drifting... calm... content... happy... deep...
Because it feels so good to go this deep, and to feel so relaxed, I'm going to give you a special word... that whenever I say it and snap my fingers, or touch you on the forehead, you will instantly just drop right back down even deeper than you are now... matter what you are doing, what you are thinking... you will instantly drop straight down, even deeper, and even more calm than you are now... just like when I cut the strings on the balloon...

...the special word is 'SLEEP'... whenever I say the word "SLEEP" you will instantly drop straight back down into this relaxed, calm, sleepy state... and go even deeper than before... just like you did when I cut the strings on the balloon...
I then gave her a count from 10-1 to slowly bring her around.

MW: How do you feel?

Lisa: ... er... good... really relaxed... felt like I could have nodded off if I'd wanted.

MW: Good. Do you feel hypnotized?

Lisa: Erm... I'm not sure. I definitely feel a bit... trippy?

MW: Do you remember any of the induction?

Lisa: Yeah... I remember my arms and legs feeling heavy... my eyes feeling tired... erm... then the balloons....

MW: Ok. How did it feel when I cut your strings?

Lisa: Erm... just really relaxing... like... getting into bed after a long day... just kind of... flopping.

MW: And that feels good doesn't it?

Lisa: Yeah

MW: Do you remember me giving you a special trigger?

Lisa: Erm... I don't know... I think so.

MW: SLEEP *snap*

The trigger worked well. It wasn't totally instant and dramatic like I'd seen on videos, but it worked. I woke her up and continued to test it a couple more times whilst talking to her to see how she was doing. To be honest I could have done that a dozen more times, it was such a thrill. Each time I put her to sleep she dropped deeper, just as I had told her too.

While she was sat, head slumped against the back of the sofa, I came and sat on her lap, straddling her legs and staring straight into her face. Then I woke her up. This startled her a little, but I could tell just by the look on her face that it excited her as well. Her face flushed and I could practically see her heart beating though her chest.

MW: Hello...

Lisa: Hello...

MW: How does it feel when I do that?

Lisa:... Strange... but good...

MW: And how does it feel waking up and finding me on your lap?

Lisa: Strange... but good (laughs)... er... I guess its like when your attention drifts elsewhere for a bit... like you're just in a bit of a daze and then you realise someone is trying to talk to you and weren't listening...

MW: Yes

Lisa: Like a moment ago you were sitting on the edge of the bed, then I suppose you said your magic word and I drifted off and then next thing I know you're sitting on me (laughs)

MW: Does it feel like any time has passed? or is it just like *ping* one minute I'm there, next i'm here.

Lisa: No... erm... I can tell that time has passed... I'm just not totally sure how long... was it long?

Instead of answering her, I just tapped her on the forehead and told her to sleep. I then carefully unbutton the top 2 or 3 buttons on her shirt. Then, whist deepening her, and suggesting that she need pay no attention to what I was doing, I got off her lap, eased apart her legs, and gently removed her knickers... They were deliciously moist. Then, replacing her legs as they were, I got back on her lap, once again staring right at her, placed her knickers cheekily between my teeth, and woke her up.

Lisa: (laughs) Oh my god!

I didn't need to ask. She knew what I'd done. Using my thumb and my teeth, I playfully catapulted her knickers across the room, then leaned and and let my lips go to work on her neck. After a few minutes of kissing, nibbling, groping and general heavy petting, and after I'd got her to a fair state of undress, shirt and bra off, skirt hitched well up, I zapped her again.

With her head slumped back, lips parted, I continued. I nibbled her ear lobes, gave my tongue a little flick inside her ear. She let out a very soft moan, but didn't move a muscle... I reached down and slid 2 fingers across her warm, wet pussy and then moved them up into her mouth, depositing her juices onto her tongue and lips. Then I got down onto my knees and had a taste of my own. Once again she let out soft sighs of pleasure, but her body still remained limp and relaxed. I continued to go down on her until she was panting and beginning to moan, and I was almost ready to explode. Then, with 2 fingers inside of her, and my tongue on her clit, I woke her up. She screamed out in pleasure, arched her back and pressed her thighs against me. Within seconds she was cumming. Loudly and uncontrollably. As she was still spasming and gasping for air like a fish out of water on the couch, I was laying back on the floor and finishing myself off, which didn't take long at all, and soon we were once again laying flushed, sweating and catching our breath. She later told me that the thrill of waking up and realising what was happening was so powerful, that it gave her one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Like waking up in the middle of a sexy dream and finding out it was real... a pleasure I didn't fully appreciate until a few years later.

Over the next few hours I tried out lots of things with her. Some successful, and some not so successful. As I mentioned previously, Lisa was quite into bondage and restraint. Some light bondage suggestions worked quite well on her. I successfully managed to have her arms tied to the bed with invisible ropes. However I was unable to get a full freeze trigger to work on her. She also responded well to arousal suggestions and I was able to talk her to high states of pleasure... I couldn't however get her to orgasm, not simply by suggestion anyway... though she said she was very close. I tried a few visual hallucinations, such as nakedness, trick mirrors, bigger breasts, but with little success. One thing we were both particularly keen to do was hypnotic blindness, but as with the others, we couldn't get it to work. But luckily Lisa had actually bought a blindfold with her, so instead I gave her the suggestion that no matter how hard she tried she couldn't remove the blindfold. That worked like a charm, and she very much enjoyed it.

By the evening, thought it might be fun to go back down to the bar and try some naughtiness in a more public setting. But Lisa said she was exhausted from a long mornings travelling and a very hot afternoon and evening of kinky fun. I could see her point, and I certainly didn't want to push her too hard, so we decided to get an early night. We both slept soundly, that was for sure.

.... And there girls and boys, is where I will leave part 2 of the story. I had wanted to sew it all up in just 2 parts, but there is just too much to fit in, so I'm afraid it's going to have to be a trilogy.

I will some other updates soon, and part 3 will follow in due course.


~Mistress Winters~