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Hello, my name is Mistress Winters, and I enjoy hypnotizing and corrupting innocent women. Controlling them and making them perform for my pleasure. I'm one messed up girl. But I'm lovely really. In my spare time I enjoy various art and craft projects. I also write a little.

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

First off, I just want mention the new banner for this blog. I knocked it up myself, and am quite pleased with it, I hope you like it... and yes, those are my own eyes, so feel free to stare ;~)

Time for part 3 of the story of Katie.

Katie and I had now been together for more than 6 months. We were now in what could genuinely be called a relationship. I had been introduced to her parents, which was slightly awkward, I'm sure they are entirely comfortable with their only daughter being bisexual, much less in a full on relationship with me. Needless to say, they were completely in the dark about our love of hypnosis, in fact nobody else knew, it was our dirty little secret... and that often made it all the more exciting.

By now I had given her many triggers, some new and still works in progress, but some deeply ingrained and very effective. One of these very effective triggers was her FREEZE trigger. We'd worked out several different variations of freeze triggers, some would only freeze certain body parts, one would freeze her from the neck down, leaving her free to talk, one would freeze her entirely leaving her unable to talk, but still conscious, and the most extreme would leave her totally frozen not only in body, but in mind, as if on pause, frozen in time, and when she was un-frozen she would not be aware of any time having passed.

We'd played a little with triggers around other people and in public situations, but we'd always kept it subtle, seeing how far we could push things, but still not wanting to be 'caught'... Katie and I had been talking it and it seemed both of us were actually quite keen on the idea that we actually could be 'caught' and that it might be fun to let someone else in on our little secret. She liked the idea of being triggered with somebody else watching... something along the lines of being frozen and played with. Totally powerless as the the other person looks on. Perhaps even letting the other person play with her as well. The more we talked about it, the more we liked it, and the more ideas we came up with. We both decided that involving a 3rd person was what we wanted, and we agreed that person had to be female.

We placed a few ads on some adult contacts sites and alternative lifestyle sites, catering to BDSM and fetishes etc. But had little success finding someone suitable. Despite specifically requesting females we received a lot of email from men, or transvestites wanting a mistress to 'feminize' them, which although I wish them every success in, is not something that really interests me. We did get some replies from women, but after exchanging a few messages it became clear they weren't as serious about it as we were, and we curious more than anything and just wanted to live out their fantasy online instead of for real. So we gave up on the online idea, and decided the best way was the direct approach. It was time to take it to the streets.

I'd met Katie in a club, and we both thought the way forward was to try the same approach again, and meet someone in a club. Now, my stage hypnosis days were behind me by now. Obviously I still had the magic, but I was out of the game, I had no contacts, no stage team to handle the lights and sound etc. so doing a stage show myself was not an option this time. So we decided to just go clubbing and see what happened. We got dressed up in our sexiest outfits (ok not our absolute sexiest outfits, we didn't want to be mistaken for prostitutes!) and we hit the town. We'd go out a couple of times a week, to different bars and clubs. We don't exactly live in a bustling metropolis, so the night life is not amazing, but it's ok. If you go out enough, you do seem to run into the same people again and start to recognise faces. There were a few girls who caught our eyes. It would usually be Katie that would do the talking, which was an interesting reversal of the the usual dynamic in our relationship (i.e me being in control), she was actually the more confident of the two of us in social situations. You'll remember from previous entries that it was actually her who approached me when we met. Most of them were happy to laugh and flirt with her, but when she mentioned that I was her girlfriend, they suddenly be a lot less interested. I'm not sure if that is because the didn't like the idea of sharing, or just because they found me intimidating. Perhaps both.

Eventually though, after a few weeks of going to clubs and chatting girls up, Katie found one that took the bait, who when she was invited over to meet the girlfriend, was more than happy to come and chat. Katie was very good at being openly flirtatious with the girl, but at the same time showing her attachment to me. Holding my hand, whilst simultaneously touching the other girls hair.... sitting on my lap, but stroking the girls leg as she sat beside us... I hadn't briefed her on any of it, it was all her own idea... she was a natural. The girls name was Claire, a sweet looking girl, petite, a little chubby (not a bad thing in my opinion) slightly tomboyish in her baggy jeans, but with a cute feminine charm at the same time. Katie had excellent taste if I did say so myself :~P

Eventually the subject came up of what we do for a living, I said that I was a stage hypnotist, a white lie since I hadn't done a show in a while, but was a way of bringing hypnosis into the conversation, which was the goal after all.

Claire: Ooh a hypnotist. How cool!

Mistress Winters: Thank you, i like to think so.

Claire: I bet it's so much fun!

MW: I have to admit, it really is.

C: I bet she's hypnotized you [katie] hasn't she?

Katie: Haha, she has actually

C: Haha! Really?

Katie: Yep, loads of times!

C: Wow! make her bark like a dog! haha

MW: I'm afraid I can't, not in front of all these people, it might look a little strange.

C: Oh I don't believe you. You haven't really hypnotized her have you.

MW: I have

K: She really has

C: Prove it! You have to show me or I wont believe you!

I looked at Katie who was still sitting on my lap, she looked at me and smiled, as if to say "I trust you, do what you want". I took my arm that was wrapped around her back and move my hand up to her forehead, gave her a little tap and told her to SLEEP. Her head slumped forward and I felt her body go limp. I guided her head onto my shoulder, and to prevent her sliding off my lap, which I could feel starting to happen, I put my arm back around her and held her tight. To anyone else in the club who might look, it would just look like she was cuddling up to me.

C: oh my god! that is so freaky!

MW: Cool huh?

C: haha! it's hilarious!

MW: Are you convinced?

C: Hmmm I don't know, I suppose.... but she could just be pretending.

MW: Give her a poke.

Claire poked her in the stomach and giggled, Katie didn't react

MW: Go on, give her a bit of a tickle.

Claire tickled her sides and giggled some more. Katie still didn't react.

C: Maybe she's not ticklish

MW: Why don't pick up the candle on the table... now subtly, so nobody gets suspicious, why don't you pour the hot wax onto her leg.

Claire did as she was asked, and picked up the candle in the middle of the table. It was one of those ones in it's own little glass pot, and had lots of hot molten wax inside. Katie was wearing a skirt that night and no stockings or tights, so when Claire poured the wax it went straight onto her skin, it trickled down her thigh slightly, before quickly setting hard as it cooled on her skin. Katie didn't flinch at all.

C: That' so weird!

MW: Now do you believe us?

C: Ok, maybe she is hypnotized. Make her do something!

MW: I can't not here, there are to many people.

C: Oh you're no fun!

MW: Katie, 3, 2, 1, wakey wakey

Katie opened her eyes, lifted her head, and smiled embarrassedly, then looked down at her leg and saw the wax on her leg, and quickly pulled her skirt over her legs to cover it.

C: Haha, does she do that to you a lot?

K: Yes quite a lot!

C: and you don't mind?

K: No it's fun.

C: I wanted her to mess with you but she wouldn't

K: Well she messes with me often enough at home really... Why don't you come back with us and we can show you more... have some fun away from all these people.

Katie again started to give Claire her flirtatious look and stroked her leg. I could tell by the look on Claire's face that she was a little unsure. But I could also tell she was curious and wanted to say yes.

C: erm... ok...

And with that, we hailed a taxi and headed home. Claire didn't say much the whole way home. She was understandably nervous. Katie kept touching her hand reasuringly and smiling. When we go i told Claire to take a seat, and offered her a drink. She declined saying she was fine.

MW: So what you like to do?

C: Er.... I don't know...

MW: Go on, anything you want, just ask....

C: I don't know really...

Katie just stood there in excited anticipation. I zapped her with her mannequin trigger. We had varying degrees of freeze trigger, so would freeze specific body parts, hands, feet, arms, legs, etc. One would freeze her from the neck down, allowing her to still talk and react to what I did to her. One would freeze her whole body, leaving her unable to move or speak at all, but still aware of what was going on. And the final trigger would freeze her totally and also blank her mind, as if she was on pause, or frozen in time, unaware of anything that happened, and would wake feeling no time had passed. Her mannequin trigger was the one that would freeze her body entirely, but she was still aware. I started playing with Katie. Moving her, posing her, playing with her. I then walked over to the sofa and took Claire by her hand and lead her towards Katie. Claire said nothing, but had a mischievous smile on her face, it was very cute. I took her hands, and I placed them on Katie's breasts and helped her give them a little squeeze. Claire giggled again.

MW: Go ahead, have a play, she can't move, she's like a mannequin

C: Does she know what's going on?

MW: Yep, she's in there. She knows exactly what's going on. She can see and feel everything. She just can't move.

Claire started moving Katie around, and touching her body. Tentatively at first, gently cupping her breasts, and grabbing her bum. But got progressively more daring, and started posing her in more provocative positions and letting her hands wander more. Then she ask me if she was allowed to kiss her. Feeling fairly confident that Katie would be comfortable with that, I said yes. Claire put her hands on katies hips and stood on her tip toes and gave her gentle kiss on the lips. Knowing that being left in mannequin mode for to long can be quite tiring for a Katie, once Claire had finished her kiss and their lips were separated, I gave Katie the word that would put her back to normal. She again gave a bashful smile, and both of them had a bit of a giggle

C: Could you really not move?

K: Nope, not at all.

C: That's so freaky! I don't think I can't get my head around that... I just can't imagine what it would feel like.

K: Well I am supposed to feel like a mannequin, but I think it feels more like being made of wood, like a puppet, rather than plastic like a manneqin.

C: I don't think it would work with me, I'd just move! haha.

K: Ah you say that, but it's different once you've felt it... it's like when you're in the moment, it just feels natural and you can't help yourself.

C: So... does she make you do stuff then?... like... stuff you don't want to do.

K: Well... sort of... but not stuff that I REALLY don't want to do, just stuff that I didn't think I wanted to do... but somehow when she describes it, it starts to feel like something that I actually do want to do.

C: but like... can she can order you to... you know, have sex with you and stuff?... and you have to do it...

K: Well... not that she needs to order me... but yeah, she can pretty much get me to do whatever she wants.

MW: She enjoys it as much as I do though really.

K: Yeah I do.

MW: Have you have experimented with a bit of bondage in the bedroom?... hand cuffs and stuff?

C: Yeah, loads of times:

MW: Well its a bit like that really. When you are hand cuffed to the bed, you are surrendering power to your partner, and letting them do things to you, and you can't stop them... well it's like that really. Except the restraints are in her mind... and just like the hand cuffs, I was only able to put them there, because she trusted me.... Do you see?...

C: Sort of... I suppose.

MW: Let me show you something.

I took out a £5 note from my purse, and handed it to Claire, and told her to slip it into the waist band of Katie's skirt. Katie again smiled embarrassedly because she knew what was about to happen. I'd given her a trigger, that whenever I slipped a bank not into her waste band, she'd become an erotic dancer, and give me a lap dance. I'd actually specifically made the trigger so that it only worked when I did it, just in case someone else ever got cheeky and managed to trigger her! But I was hoping that since I was present, and that had told Claire to do it, her brain would accept the command and the trigger would work... and it did. The expression on her face immediately changed, and she went straight into her dance as Claire sat in the chair and watched on with nervous excitement.

MW: what she's doing now, is she is living out a fantasy in her head... in her mind, she totally believes she is an erotic dancer. We are not in my flat, we are in the middle of a busy lap dancing club, it's dark and there is smoke in the air, and people drinking and enjoying dances themselves... but that's all a little blurry and hazy, because she's not really paying attention to that... she's just focus completely on her dance... and on you... totally engrossed in the moment, and playing her part in the fantasy.

I was explaining this to Claire so that she had some insight into what was going on, but also I was talking to Katie and enforcing the trigger, just to make sure that it was working properly while she danced for Claire instead of me.

I let Katie dance for a couple of minute as we both sat on the sofa and enjoyed the dance. Then I handed Claire another note to slip into her waste line, this was a secondary trigger that made her start to strip. Katie accepted the trigger perfectly and as she danced, removed her top and skirt, and then continued to dance in her underwear. I let Katie continue to dance for another couple of minutes, the stood up from the sofa and triggered her into trance, she immediately stopped dancing and stood still and let her head slump forwards. I then guided her to sit down onto the sofa.

MW: Good girl Katie... now me and Claire are going to talk to you now, and ask you a few questions... you're going stay totally entranced... and you're just going answer 100% honestly, with whatever it is that comes into your head... saying exactly what you think, as you think it... do you understand?

K: Yes Mistress

MW: Good girl

C: She calls you mistress?

MW: Yes, only when she in trance normally, though she does say it sometimes when she's awake... I think that's mostly tongue in cheek though, as I haven't told her to do that... Katie... how do you feel right now?

I knew full well what the answer to this would be... her dancer trigger always has the same effect on her... she gets so sucked into the illusion, and takes on the role so fully, that she always wakes from it feeling the same way...

K: Horny

MW: How horny... on a scale from 1 to 10?

K: About a 9

MW: very horny then... and wet to I see.

K: Yes... wet...

MW: Claire is there anything you would like to ask Katie?

C: err.... do you find me attractive?

K: Yes

C: Did you like it when I kissed you?

K: Yes... a lot... because I couldn't stop you...

C: are you really wet?

K: Yes... really wet?

MW: have a look, you can see through her knickers... Katie... is it ok if Claire feels to see how wet you are?

K: Yes

MW: go ahead, touch her and see

Claire tentatively reached over and put her fingers onto Katies by now really quite soaked knickers. As her fingers gently made contact with the cloth, Katie let out a soft moan...

MW: I think she likes it... is that nice Katie?

K: Mmmm yes.

MW: What would you like Claire to do now?

K: Finger me.

At the this point the night got very interesting. Claire continued to be nervous through out, but still continued. The 2 of us made love to Katie for the next hour, and by all accounts she had the best sex of her life. Claire very much enjoyed herself as well, and as you will soon discover in future entries, was to become a more regular feature of our hypnotic exploits... but you'll have to wait until next time to read more...

... Oh yes, I am a tease, but you know you love it ;~) x

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Extreme Makeover

Appologies for not blogging for a while, I have been otherwise engaged with my other activities... some of which I am sure you will hear about soon enough ;~) Anyway, for now, I would like to share with you another of my experiences with Katie.

Katie and I had been dating for a while now, and she was well on her way to fully becoming my sub, and we were both loving it.

One morning, after she had stayed the night at my place (she was spending many nights at my place by this point) I decided it was time for some more hypnotic fun. I'd put her under several times by this point, and had managed to get her quite deep on a few occasions. I had also given her a trigger to put her in trance, but she didn't go down as deep without an induction, and unless I specifically told her to forget what had happened, she would remember the trance, maybe not all of it, maybe just bits, but she would remember. And she would still on some level be aware of what was going on while she was under....

Now, for what I had planned that morning, I would need her to be completely unaware whilst she was under, which meant an induction, but I was feeling devious and I didn't want to just sit her down and let her know what was going on. I didn't want her to see it coming. I'd been working on my instant inductions, and had gotten quite good at them. It was just a case of finding the right deepening technique, which seemed to have worked out with Katie, and put in place a some anchors and triggers to enforce them. So I was confident that all the ground work was in place so that if I chose my moment, I could surprise her with a rapid induction, and put her down deep enough and quick enough, that she'd not know what hit her!

She was in the kitchen making a cup of tea, I tip toed in and she had her back to me waiting for the kettle boil (doesn't she know a watched pot never boils?!... or perhaps she was just day dreaming, which would make what I was about to do all the more effective) I snuck up behind her, and hit her with the induction, putting my hand over her eyes and pulling her backwards. I then used her trance trigger for added effect, and as I gently moved her backwards onto the floor, using our feet as a pivot, I fired off a few anchors and flooded her with deepeners. By the time I had bought her to rest on the kitchen floor, it seemed she was out like a light.

Now to carry out my plan... The kitchen wasn't the ideal place for it, as it was a little cramped, but I had (not by accident, I'd been plotting this down to the smallest detail for more than a week) managed to guide her down onto the rug. I took hold of the corners of the rug, and dragged her into the living room. The rug slid quite easily across the lino floor. I could have just told her to stand up and walk in, but that would slightly spoil the deeply relaxed state she was in, and also spoil some of the fun for me... I like the idea of controlling her lifeless body, but I wasn't really strong enough to carry her (and again, didn't want to spoil her deep relaxation).

Once in the living room with more room to manoeuvre, I stripped her naked, and put her clothes in a pile back in the kitchen. Now I took hold of the rug again and dragged her into the bathroom (very handy that I live in a flat and not a house! lol) I put a towel over the edge of the bath so that she would be comfortable, and then I slumped her over the edge of the bath as well, her arms flopped lifeless into the bath and her head and hair dangled over the side... she was so deep that she'd even been drooling a little, which I have to admit, is something that always turns me on (only in respect of a girl in a deep trance you understand!). I took the shower head, and began running the water, and trying to get it to the right temperature. In retrospect, I probably should have done this before I got her hanging over the edge of the bath, as had I accidentally sprayed her with freezing cold water, it could have startled her out of trance... also I could have used the cover that I was having a shower, so that she wouldn't expect me sneaking up on her... but it all worked out ok, so it doesn't matter. Once I had the water nice and warm (but not hot) I sprayed it onto her hair. I didn't want to completely soak her, then I would have to dry her again, I just wanted her hair damp. Once her hair was sufficiently moist, I put the lid of the toilet seat down, and sat her on it, making sure that she didn't fall off, by telling her to sit up straight. I brushed her hair back behind her shoulders. I then took a tub of vaseline, and began smearing it across her forehead, across her neck and shoulders, and over her ears...

Now at this point you've either worked out what I was about to do, or you are wondering what kind of bizarre fetish I was indulging! so I will explain. I was about to dye her hair. Of course I could have gotten her to dye her own hair if I had wanted, she almost certainly would have done it to please me, but where is the fun in that ;~). No. I wanted to do it myself, and I wanted to do it without her knowing. Which is why this had taken so much planning and effort. The vaseline was to stop the dye coming off onto her skin and staining it. I put on the rubber gloves and began applying the dye. Her hair was a light brown/dark blonde colour... fine in it's own way, but I wanted to change it. I wanted something striking, and obviously different. I went for black with a flash of bright pink. The instructions said for the dye to be left in for 30 minutes, so I left her sitting on the toilet for the next half an hour, making sure to pop back in regularly to whispers in her ear and make sure she stayed deeply in trance. Once 30 minutes had passed, I gently guided her back down over the edge of the bath, and rince the dye out, and then gently washed the vaseline off her skin. I then dryed her with a towel, and put her in the old tshirt that I had taken from the laundry, so that she wouldn't get cold. Then I gently got her back into the living room, and sat her down on the sofa. Phase one of my plan was now complete. It was time for phase 2.

For Phase two, it was time for her to get dressed. I had purchased a very sexy outfit for her online, and I had kept it hidden from her, so at this point she had never seen it. I carefully got her dressed, all the while still whispering sweet nothings to keep her nice and relaxed. She looked very good in her new out fit, but it needed more. It needed make-up. I quite enjoyed doing peoples make up and hair, i was quite good at it to, I think if I hadn't gone into the evil hypnotic mistress buisiness, I'd have made a good make-up artist or hair dresser. There is also something romantic and intimate about putting on your girlfriends makeup for her... and the added element of trance... that made it positively erotic! I had such an urge to masturbate as I was putting it on, but I knew I couldn't, I had to focus on the job in hand. Pleasure would come later. I was going for the sultry, gothic vamp look, she'd dabbled with this look a couple of times and I really liked it, always had gone for that look, and I wanted her to look like it more often. Again, I knew if I'd just asked, she would have done it herself... but where is the fun in that? ;~)

By the time I had got her dressed and done her makeup, her hair was nearly dry. I warmed up the straightening iron and started styling her hair. I even gave her a bit of a trim... this was after all supposed to be a complete new image.

It was done. She had new hair, a new out fit, new make-up.... she looked ravishing... I certainly wanted to ravish her anyway! To make the makeover complete, there was one last thing that needed to change, her personality. She was to become my slave, completely surrendering herself to me. I would own her. We'd been working on this together for a while now and making good progress (it always helps when the subject is as willing as I am), but there still needed to be a few finishing touches. The outer transformation would cement in her mind the transformation of her personality.... all that was left was to wake her up and reveal to her my handy work.

I had her lie down flat on the sofa, then I brought her around. She looked slightly disoriented and bewildered, much like she had done the first time I had brought her back to my place and put her under (see previous post). As I'd hoped, she'd had no awareness of being in trance, and the last thing she had remembered was being in the kitchen making a cup of tea. That was more than 2 hours ago, and she had no memory of anything in between.... Then she noticed the out fit.

Katie: Oh my god, what have you been doing?!

Mistress Winters: Do you like?

Katie: Oh my god, I love it! Where did you get it from.

Misteess Winters: I ordered it online, It arrived last week, but I have kept it hidden so it was a surprise.

Katie: Oh wow! thank you!

She was very happy with her new outfit, which I was glad about. I know that's not really the point, I was her mistress, and she my slave, she would wear what I told her to wear, but I'm not as cold hearted as I sometimes make out, and I was actually very happy she liked it. I suggested she should go check herself out in the mirror. She bounced happily into my bedroom where I have a full length mirror... then she noticed the hair... "OH MY GOD!" she again shouted. She was speechless for a few moments, trying to work out what had happened. She couldn't believe her eyes... literally. She thought that it was some sort of hypnotic hallucination... not surprising considering some of the tricks I had played on her in the past. But I explained to her it was no trick, it was real. She was stunned, and looked back into the mirror. That's when it seemed to click. Every thing started to sink in.

MW: How do you like the new you?

K: I love it.... Thank you so much!

MW: I'm glad you like it.

K: How can I repay you?

At that point I closed the bedroom door... What happened next? I will leave that to your imagination ;~)

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Taking my first steps as a Hypno-Mistress

As mentioned in a previous post, I met my first hypnosub girlfriend when I was 19, I wont use her real name for obvious reasons, but for this blog, she will be known as Katie.

I first met Katie at one of my stage hypnosis shows that I would do occasionally in pubs and clubs in and around the local area, as a way to earn extra beer money (and to extend my little hobby ;~) ). She was one of 14 people who volunteered to come up on stage for the show, 2 of which later bottled out as I was putting the first few under, and 2 more of which wouldn't go under (they had a little to much to drink, nothing to do with my limitless hypnotic powers! Mwahahahaaaa!... *ahem*)

Now as you can imagine, my shows tended to have a slightly saucy element to them, not to much, just a little fun, by no means to the extent that certain 'erotic hypnosis' shows do. But this girl took the saucy fun to another level, she was the star of the show. She always took the suggestions I gave her that little bit further. If i told her when the music started she would jump up and do sexy dance, she wouldn't just get up and shake her bum a bit, she'd go the whole hog (I actually had to stop her as I thought she was going to start taking her clothes off, and although that would have been a lovely sight, was not something I had told the management I would be part of my routine!) Luckily my sound guy was on the ball that night and managed to stop the music as soon as I snapped her back under. She flirted outrageously through out the show, with me, with the other volunteers, and with the audience.

At the end of the show, I did my usual cool down routine, where I would "bring then out of hypnosis" and send them back into the audience, still with a couple of post hypnotic triggers left in place. I'd then walk off stage, have a quick drink and refreshment break for 2 minutes, then come back out, thank the volunteers, thank the audience, and say good night, but not before triggering a couple of the still hypnotized volunteers with their post hypnotic suggestions (shout out something rude, stand on a chair and start dancing, you know the type of thing), I would then wrap up by triggering them all to sleep, getting them back up on stage, taking them back stage, removing all the suggestions (yes all of them, i was a good girl back then ;~) ) and sending them back out to their friends.

After getting changed out of my stage outfit and into something more casual, I went back out into the bar to have a couple of drinks. It didn't take Katie long to find me and tell me how much she enjoyed being hypnotized. I was surprised though at how much quieter and timid she was, considering how she had performed when she was on stage. She was still obviously flirting with me though, albeit in a more subtle way. My gay-dar is not all that hot, but I was definitely getting a vibe from her, so I decided to give her my number, saying if she ever fancied trying it out on a one to one basis, then to give me a call. The next day (clearly she had never heard of the 3 day rule), she did indeed ring me, not to ask about the offer of a one to one, but to ask me out for a drink, which I accepted.

Over the next few weeks we began to see more of each other, and really began to hit it off, and eventually, after a month or so of skirting around the subject, Katie asked me if I would hypnotize her again, I reluctantly agreed ;~) We went back to her place, and got comfortable, and then started. I knew from experience that she was towards the higher end of the suggestibility spectrum, and that she now had previous experience of being in trance, so I decided to do a more rapid style induction with her, and within a couple of minutes i had her under and with one arm floating in the air.

Having her stood there head slumped forward onto her chest, arm floating in the air, made me remember the first time I hypnotized my friend at a party when I was 16... I wasn't going to pass up on the opportunity for fun this time. This time it was a girl I was dating, a girl that I had a hunch was rather submissive and got a kick out of being controlled, a girl that was probably not only willing, but wanting to be taken advantage of. I started by asking her some questions.

MW: Tell me how you feel Katie.

Katie: ... Relaxed...

MW: Yes... Very relaxed... It feels good to be soooo relaxed doesn't it Katie?

K: ... Yes...

MW: It feels gooood to relax and let go... Hypnosis is a very relaxing, pleasurable state... it feels goood to be hypnotized doesn't it Katie?

K: ... Yes...

MW: You like feeling good don't you... You like being hypnotized by me...

K: ... Yes....

MW: Hypnotized by the sound of my voice. My voice relaxes you, and fills you with pleasure... I want you to think of my voice like water... it floooows into you... filling you with pleasure... Feel the pleasure rising inside you.

I continued this process for a few minutes, simultaneously deepening her, filling her with pleasure, and linking that feeling with the sound of my voice. She was very responsive and began to show some obvious physical signs of pleasure, and even without my suggesting it, arousal. Her face and chest were flushed, her breathing laboured, and her nipple noticeably perky. I couldn't tell at this point what was going on between her legs, but I was willing to bet that there was definitley something stirring down there.

MW: In a moment Katie, I am going to count from 3 to 1 and you are going to open your eyes, feeling refreshed and alert. But when I say the word "sleep" you will instantly fall back into the same relaxed state that you are in now, and go eeeeeven deep, do you understand?

K: Yes...

MW: Good girl. I also want you take that pleasure that you feel right now, as you listen to my voice, and I want you to feel that same pleasure whenever I touch you. And every time I touch you, the pleasure just gets better and better, and more and more intense. Do you understand?

K: Yes...

MW: Good girl. 3... 2... 1...

Katie took a few seconds to come around, I think she was possibly slightly reluctant. This can sometimes be the case with subjects who enjoy being in trance so much, they don't want to come out of it right away. I experienced it once with a subject of a stage show, but that is another story. When she opened her eyes, she seemed slightly disoriented, presumably unsure why she was standing up while I was sitting down. She sat down beside me.

MW: So how do you feel Katie?

K: I feel good, I feel really chilled out, and happy. It's nice.

MW: Does it feel different to last time I hypnotized you?

K: Yeah, it does, definately. Before I it was kind of like I was watching myself, like I wasn't really me. It doesn't feel like that now.

MW: Do you feel hypnotized?

K: Umm... Not really. I feel relaxed, but other than that I feel normal.

MW: I see.... You know you have lovely hair.

As I said that I stroked the hair on the side of her face and tucked it behined her ear, which she definately seemed to enjoy, although she didn't say anything. I continued, and gently brushed my hand against her neck. She closed her eyes and took in a short sharp breath.

MW: How does that feel?


I reached out with my other hand, and took her hand in mine. I continued to stroke her neck as I moved her hand onto my chest. Some heavy petting and tentative kissing ensued, which quickly got more and more passionate. What would probably these days me called a 'make out session'. After about 5 minutes of this we both began to get very hot, so I decided to slow things down. I with drew my lips from hers and told her to SLEEP, she instantly flopped back into the chair like a rag doll.

The sight of a beautiful woman, slumped and lifeless in trance is something that turns me on more than just about anything, and this girl laying there so peaceful and so helpless was absolutely the most erotic and arousing sight I had ever seen in my life at that point. I couldn't help but take advantage of it. My hands began to wonder. At first I started out slowly, running my hands through her hair, stroking her face with the back of my hand. At first there seemed to be no reaction at all. But as I went on, it seemed as if the suggestion of feeling pleasure at my touch was still working while she was in trance. She didn't move at all, or show any kind of reaction in her face, which was still expressionless, her mouth slightly opened. But she began to get flushed again, and I noticed goose pimples on her arms. My hands began to wonder some more. I started to stroke her breasts. Her nipples were definately errects, I could feel how hard they were even through her t-shirt and bra, but still she lay motionless, with no change to her face. I placed a hand on her leg and began to slowly slide it up and underneith her skirt, still she didn't move. My hadn reached the top of her leg, and I felt the crotch of her knickers, they were soaked, as my fingers brushed against her through her knickers, she took another sharp intake of breath and then let out a short, high pitched wimper.

By this point my heart was racing, and pounding so hard it felt like it would burst through my chest. I was so hot, I was burning up. My knickers were as wet as hers! If I was a guy I probably would have had an american pie type moment by now. The combination of my years of fantasising being lived out right there, and the slight fear that at any moment she might snap out of it and slap me (though I knew that really wouldn't happen, and that she was up for this as much as I was)... it was more exciting than anything I have ever experience before or since. Of course since then, I have done things that make this all look tame in comparison, but there really is nothing like the first time.

It didn't take much more, a couple of seconds of my middle finger every so gently teasing her clit (whilst my other hand was in my own pants and whipping up a storm!) and she was already cumming. Now she was moving! she arched her back, spread her legs, and began spasming in exstacey, and moaning and whimpering loudly. It seemed very intense. Once she was done and once again slumbed on the sofa in a hot, sweaty, breathless heap, I realised I had to stop pleasuring myself and make sure she was still trance, and bring her back down. I told her that when she woke up, she wouldn't remember what had just happened, but that that night when she went to sleep, she would dream about it.

I knew that before ended our 'session' I would have to give at least something to remember, a show stopper, something that would definately cement in her mind that she was hypnotised, something that she would think about until I saw her next and think "wow"... but what would I do?

I knew what I would, I had a great idea, something that would really appeal to her subby side. I gave her the suggestion, counted from 3 to 1 and woke her up. Again she seemed a little disoriented, understandably so. But it passed quickly, and she sat up and was back to something like her normal self, although slighty more sedate and spaced out. Again, understandable given what had just happened. We chatted some more about how she felt, and what she thought about being hypnotized. She said things like "it doesn't feel quite like I expected" or "not the same as before"

MW: Why is that do you think?

K: I don't know, I guess because last time there was lots of crazy stuff going on, andthe audience were laughing, and it was just.... surreal... and crazy.

MW: I see, so there's not been enough crazyness for you this time...?

K: Yeah, I guess. I mean it's been cool. Like arms feeling all floaty, and feeling all tingly when you were talking to me, and the room kind of went all dark and blurry when we were messing around and kissing and stuff... which was great, you know...

MW: But you would like a bit more crazyness?

K: Yeah...

MW: Ok, well why don't you stand up a moment.

K: Ok.

MW: Now, put your arms out straight to your sides, in the air....

K: Ok...

MW: FREEZE... How does that feel?

K:. er...

MW: ...try to move.

K: I can't!... I can't move!

MW: How's that for crazy?

K: Haha!

MW: Cool huh?

K: It's... freaky! I can't move at all.

MW: What does it feel like?

K: It's ... like I am made of wood, like a tree or something... no more like table! I'm all hard! haha!

MW: That's interesting you don't look hard, you look quite soft to me.

I got up from the sofa and took hold of one of her arms, and moved it around. When I stopped moving it, it stayed in whatever position I put it. All the while she was giggling away.

MW: Hmm... funny, you definately seem soft to me. How does that arm feel when I move it?

K: It's really weird.... it's like it's not my arm. It feels like... like an artificial arm.... This is so freaky!

I continued to move and pose her, and she giggled a bit more, but the giggling gradually stopped, and she went quiet, but unable to disguise the grin on her face.

MW: What are you thinking?

K: I'm like your toy, you can do what ever you want with me and I can't do anything about it.

MW: Do you like it?

K: Yeah... kinda.

She seemed a bit embarrassed to admit that. But it was obviously true. I moved her hands back behind her head, moved around to the front of her, looked her straight in the eyes, and them kissed her softly on the lips. She closed her eyes let out a sigh. I kissed her again, this time more passionately, she was kissing me back and absolutely loving it, I began rub her breasts again as we kissed. All the while she was still absolutely frozen in place.

I felt myself getting very hot and horny again, and I knew I had to either go all the way, or stop there. I thought it might be best to stop, I didn't want to use up everything on her first time. I stopped kissing her and again told her to SLEEP. Here arms dropped to her side, and her head flopped forward, and she dropped instantly back into trance just like before.

I removed all the suggestions from her head, and told her that next time I hypnotized her, she would go even deeper than before, even faster than before. Also allowed her to remember our bit of freeze play, and reinforced the suggestion of that she would dream about the orgasm she had as I played with her unconscious body.

So there you have it, my first experience of hypnotic control over a partner, and the birth of Mistress Winters.

Stay tuned for more updates soon ;~) x

A little more about your hostess

Well, let's tell you a little more about myself shall we?

You wont be getting a lot of personal information about me in this blog, as I preffer to keep my anonymity whenever possible, I have a personal life and a career outside of this blog and I like to keep it protected, the same goes for my subjects. I'm sure you understand.

I am in my late 20s, living in the east of england (though my work often requires I travel).

I have been a hypno-fetishist since my mid teens. The first time I remember seeing a stage hypnosis show on TV, I have to abmit I was a little scared by it, I didn't understand it and that made me uncomfortable, but I was curious... after watching a few more show, I started to realise that I was not only slightly scared by it, but that it also aroused me quite strongly. I began looking for information on hypnosis on the internet, downloading ebooks (yes probably the same you have yourself), watching whatever video clips i could find (the internet wasn't as video friendly as it is these days), and the more I learned, the more I became fascinated by hypnosis and what it could do. After a couple of years of cold study, I began to yearn to turn theory into practice. So when at a friends house party when I was 16, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to try out hypnosis for the first time. It was also around this time that I started to discover my attraction to girls, so when one of my girl friends eagerly volunteered with squeels of "do me, do me!", I jumped at the chance to hypnotise her.

I used a fairly standard progessive relaxation induction, from a script that I had downloaded and memorised. And to my shock, amazement and delight, it worked! Of course I was not brave enough to try what I really wanted to do with her, the shock of it actually working alone was enough to make me flustered and struggle to think of things to do. So i stuck to fairly basic beginners stuff, hands stuck together, forgetting a number, that sort of thing. But the important thing was I had done it, I had popped my hypnosis cherry! and from then on I was hooked!

When I turned 18 I enrolled on a stage hypnosis course, where I not only learn so many more techniques and skills, but also experienced hypnosis myself for the first time, which helped me understand it so much more.

By this point I was totally hooked on the inner workings of the mind, and studying psychology at the University, suplementing my student loan by performing the occasional stage hypnosis show in pubs and clubs around the local area. It was at one of these shows that I met my first hypno-sub girlfriend (which I will talk about in a later post, watch this space ;~) )

And the rest as they say, is history....

~ Mistress Winters ~

Hello out there (first post)

Hello one and all.

My name is Julia Winters (but you can call me Mistress!)

In this blog, I shall be sharing my stories and experiences of life as a hypnotic Mistress, and Hypno-fetishist.

Many of my blog entries will be true accounts of things that have happened to or I have done, either in my day-to-day life, or in the past. There will also be fiction stories cooked up by my twisted imagination (the latter often leads to the former anyway ;~) ). Often I will make it clear which is which, but occasionally I like to leave you guessing and let you try to work out for yourselves what is truth and what is fiction. I'm wicked like that.

I very much hope you enjoy reading this blog and will share your thoughts on them by leaving comments.

x Mistress Winters x